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Dental Treatments by Age at 3rd Avenue Complete Family Dental in San Diego, CA

Our general well-being is significantly impacted by our dental health. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is necessary for a healthy smile, regardless of age. Whether you’re a senior living out your golden years or a teenager navigating the struggles of adolescence, caring for your teeth and gums is vital. Our dental services can improve your smile while maintaining the best possible oral health. For more information, contact us, or request an appointment online today! We are located at 3330 3rd Avenue Suite 302 San Diego, CA 92103.


Treatments Recommended for Teens
Treatments Recommended for Age 20’s to 40’s
Treatments Recommended for Age 50’s to 60’s
Treatments Recommended for Seniors


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  • 3330 3rd Avenue Suite 302 San Diego, CA 92103
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3330 3rd Avenue Suite 302 San Diego, CA 92103